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Dey S, Barkai O, Gokhman I, Suissa S, Haffner-Krausz R, Wigoda N, Feldmesser E, Ben-Dor S, Kovalenko A, 

Binshtok A and Yaron A.

Kinesin family member 2A gates nociception

Cell Reports (2023) 42(10):113257.

Kovalenko A and Yaron A

Cracking the combinatorial code of neuronal wiring

Neuron (2022) 110: 2204-2206

Danelon V#, Goldner R#, Martinez E, Gokhman I, Wang K, Yaron A* and Tran T. S*.

Modular and Distinct Plexin-A4/FARP2/Rac1 Signaling Controls Dendrite Morphogenesis

Journal of Neuroscience (2020) 40, 28, p. 5413-5430   


*Co-corresponding authors, #co-first authors            


Ulisse V, Dey S, Rothbard D. E, Zeevi E, Gokhman I, Dadosh T, Minis A and Yaron A.

Regulation of axonal morphogenesis by the mitochondrial protein Efhd1

Life Science Alliance (2020) 3, 7, 202000753.       

Sar Shalom H, Goldner R, Golan-Vaishenker Y and Yaron, A.

Balance between BDNF and Semaphorins gates the sexually dimorphic innervation of the mammary gland.

eLIFE  (2019) 8:e41162

Shacham-Silverberg V, Sar-Shalom H, Goldner R, Golan-Vaishenker Y, Gurwicz N, Gokhman I, and Yaron, A

Phosphatidylserine is a marker for axonal debris engulfment but its exposure can be decoupled from degeneration     Cell Death and Disease (2018) 9:1116                                                                                


Goldner R and Yaron A  

Tir Axons Apart: Unpredicted Nadase Controls Axonal Degeneration

Neuron (2017). 93:1239-1241                      


Wolf, Y, Boura-Halfon, St, Cortese N, Haimon, Z, Shalom Sar H, Kuperman, Y,

Kalchenko V, Brandis A, David, E, Segal-Hayoun Y, Chappell-Maor L, Yaron A and Jung S 

Brown-adipose-tissue macrophages control tissue innervation and homeostatic energy expenditure

Nature Immunology (2017). 18: 665–674   

Maor-Nof M, Romi E, Sar Shalom H, Ulisse V, Raanan C, Nof A, Leshkowitz D, Lang R and Yaron A

Axonal degeneration is regulated by a transcriptional program that coordinates expression of pro-and anti-degenerative factors

Neuron (2016). 92: 991–1006                                                                                               


Highlight in Nature Reviews Neuroscience (2017) 18, page4


Yaron A* and Schuldiner O*

Common and divergent mechanisms in developmental neuronal remodeling and dying back neurodegeneration        

Current Biology. (2016) 26: R628–R639   *Corresponding author                                                                             


Schuldiner O* and  Yaron A*

Mechanisms of developmental neurite pruning

Cell. Mol. Life Sci. (2015) 72:101–119     *Corresponding author        

Romi E, Gokhman I, Wong E, Antonovsky N, Ludwig A, Sagi I, Saftig P, Tessier-Lavigne M and Yaron A.

ADAM metalloproteases promote a developmental switch in responsiveness to the axonal repellant Sema3A.

Nature. Communications (2014) 5:4058 | DOI: 10.1038/ncomms5058                             


Mlechkovich, G, Peng , S-S, Shacham, V, Martinez, E., Gokhman I, Minis , A, Tran, TS and Yaron,A.

Distinct cytoplasmic domains in Plexin-A4 mediate diverse responses to Semaphorin-3A in developing mammalian neurons.

Science Signaling (2014) 7, ra24.                                                                                        


Sar Shalom H and Yaron A

Marking axonal growth in sensory neurons: SCG10.

Experimental Neurology (2014) 254: 68-69.                                                                      


Minis, A, Dahary, D, Manor O, Leshkowitz D, Pilpel Y and Yaron A.

Sub-Cellular Transcriptomics – Dissection of the mRNA composition in the axonal compartment of sensory neurons

Developmental Neurobiology (2014) 74(3): 365-81                                                          


Maor-Nof M and Yaron A.

Neurite pruning and neuronal cell death: spatial regulation of shared destruction programs 

Current Opinion In Neurobiology (2013) doi: 10.1016/j.conb.2013.06.007


Maor-Nof M, Homma N, Raanan C, Nof A, Hirokawa N and Yaron, A.

Axonal pruning is actively regulated by the microtubule-destabilizing protein kinesin superfamily protein 2A.

Cell Reports (2013) 3:971-977.       

Amit S and Yaron A

Novel systems for in vivo monitoring and microenvironmental investigations of diabetic neuropathy in a murine model

J. Neural. Transm (2012) 11:1317-1325     

Yaron A* and Sprinzak D*

The cis side of juxtacrine signaling: A new role in the development of the nervous system

Trends In Neurosciences (2012) 35:230-239. *Corresponding author                               


Haklai-Topper L, Mlechkovich, G, Savariego D, Gokhman I and Yaron, A

Cis Interaction Between Semaphorin6A and Plexin-A4 modulate the repulsive response to Sema6A

EMBO.J (2010) 29:2635-2645.                                                                                              


Schoenmann Z, Assa-Kunik E, Tiomny S, Minis A, Haklai-Topper L, Arama E and Yaron, A

Axonal degeneration is regulated by the apoptotic machinery or a NAD+ sensitive pathway in insects and mammals.

J.Neuroscience  (2010) 30: 6375-6386.

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